We are the fast food restaurant chain. We use the original recipes, taking into account the traditional taste preferences of our visitors. Fresh natural products, modern equipment, well-trained staff ensures a high level of service to our guests.


Market manager

Regional manager

The director of the restaurant

Training manager

Senior managers trainer

Deputy Director of the restaurant


We always try to be at the center of the most important events for youth and participate in exhibitions, concerts, expositions, markets - we are where interesting, we are at the center of events. No other cafes of similar format with this as we are.

We follow the highest standards at all stages of production. Equipment used in the cooking process, is certified in accordance with all international norms and requirements.

We create opportunity, nurture the talents, develop leaders and reward achievements. We believe that the team of well-trained individuals with unique life experiences, working together in an environment that promotes mutual respect and participation in the common cause is the main condition for our future growth.

In our fast-food establishments you'll find a warm and friendly atmosphere, a sincere smile of staff, fast and quality service, delicious healthy food at affordable prices.

We are a team of like-minded, for whom the highest value of the enterprise are users. Product quality and safety - our priority.

We take seriously the responsibilities imposed on the leader. We help our customers build a better society through various socially oriented programs and charity events. We use our size, scale and resources to make the world a better place.


Our fast food is the food of the active people who appreciate their time and health care. In the active pace of life we does not always have time to eat, and appeared on the streets of the city restaurants have solved this problem. In them any can quickly and tasty snack with wholesome burger, which gives strength and healthy energy for future achievements.